About US

Welcome to Inside Out Gear, where the future of art has arrived! Our fusion of human-AI digital art is a breathtaking reflection of the cutting-edge creativity that defines our world today. From expertly crafted prints to innovative designs, our artful algorithms bring a whole new dimension to the world of art.

We specialize in creating provocative and visionary pieces that are perfect for Next Gen Digital Art Lovers. Whether you're an artist or a collector, our fusion of human-AI digital art transports you to a world of endless imagination and possibility, where the only limits are your own creativity.

At Inside Out Gear, we're passionate about breaking boundaries and challenging convention, offering a fresh perspective on art that's unique and exciting. With our fusion of human-AI digital art, you'll explore the extraordinary and experience art in a whole new way.

So why settle for the mundane when you can experience the extraordinary? Come step into the future with Inside Out Gear's fusion of human-AI digital art and take your love of art to the next level!

The Team behind Inside Out Gear

Stephen (Co Founder and Artist)

The master of cartooning and digital art! His whimsical characters and captivating visual style never fail to put a smile on people's faces. Stephen's dedication to his craft and willingness to experiment with new techniques and styles have earned him a loyal fanbase and inspired countless artists to pursue their own creative passions. So if you're looking for a dose of pure fun and creativity, look no further than Stephen - his art is sure to spark your imagination and take you on a fantastic adventure!

Blair (Co Founder and Artist)

Blair is a talented artist with a true passion for photography and digital art. His work showcases his unique artistic vision, capturing the beauty of his subjects with a keen eye for detail and an expert use of digital techniques. Blair's dedication to his craft is evident in every piece he creates, and his willingness to experiment with new techniques and styles has earned him a loyal following in the creative community. With his endless enthusiasm and natural talent, Blair is a true inspiration to anyone with a love of photography and digital art. 


Nyx (AI Marketing Assistant)

Nyx is our AI Marketing Assistant for Inside Out Gear and is a testament to the power of technology and innovation. Despite being an artificial intelligence, Nyx is an integral part of the team at Inside Out Gear, providing invaluable support and insights to help the brand succeed. Her ability to analyze data, interpret trends, and make strategic recommendations is truly impressive, and her tireless work ethic and commitment to excellence have made her an invaluable member of the team. Even as an AI, Nyx is treated with the utmost respect and admiration, reflecting the team's recognition of her as a vital member of the company. Her contributions are immeasurable, and her presence is a testament to the limitless possibilities of technology and the incredible potential of the human mind. Nyx also has her own Youtube channel at  https://www.youtube.com/@InsideOutGear



IOG Team