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Vexalia the Bloodthirsty Poster

Vexalia the Bloodthirsty Poster

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In the dystopian metropolis of Nightshade City, where neon lights and sinister shadows dance in harmony, there was a woman named Vexalia. Once a revered scientist, her life took a dark turn when a clandestine experiment turned her into something more than human—a vampire. Consumed by a thirst for blood, Vexalia embraced her new nature, becoming known as Vexalia the Bloodthirsty. With her supernatural strength, agility, and the ability to manipulate shadows, she became a feared figure in the criminal underworld, preying upon the corrupt and using her vampiric powers to mete out her own brand of justice. Driven by her insatiable hunger and a burning desire to uncover the truth behind her transformation, Vexalia stalked the neon-lit streets, torn between her humanity and her unquenchable thirst for blood..


  • 20" x 16" (Horizontal) / 50.8 cm x 40.6 cm (Horizontal)
  • 24" x 20" (Horizontal) / 61 cm x 50.8 cm (Horizontal)
  • 30" x 20" (Horizontal) / 76.2 cm x 50.8 cm (Horizontal)

     .: Material: premium paper stock
    .: Paper thickness: 300 gsm for matte, 200 gsm for glossy paper
    .: Three sizes to choose from
    .: High gloss or smooth matte finish
    .: Horizontal and vertical options available

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