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TechnoTarsier Coasters

TechnoTarsier Coasters

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TechnoTarsier is a unique and fascinating Tarsier with a passion for all things tech. Having been born in a cyberpunk megacity in Southeast Asia, he was fascinated with the dazzling neon lights, fusion of exotic cultures and the change it brought with it. As he grew older, he became increasingly obsessed with everything that involved gadget, gizmos, and cutting-edge technology.  As he continued to explore the technological frontier, his natural hunting and analytical skills began to elevate him to legendary status among the cyberpunk underground. Today, TechnoTarsier is renowned throughout the megacity, known both for his expert problem-solving skills and for his youthful, playful energy. With his speed, agility and top-notch technological abilities, TechnoTarsier is the ultimate merger of nature and technology, and truly a cyberpunk icon.


From upgrading home decor to promoting any business or brand, these blank coasters do it all. Available in both round and square shapes, each coaster features a classic corkwood underside and a glossy finish on the top for gorgeous looks. Get either the single pack or the four-pack to best match your needs.

.: One size: 3.7" x 3.7" (9.5 x 9.5cm)
.: Two shapes: round and rectangle
.: Available as 1 piece or set of 4
.: Classic corkwood bottom
.: Glossy and smooth surface

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